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Our group’s core specialty and competency is in property development. Township development mixed with residential and commercial properties in Klang Valley and Penang areas. Our group have been involved and engaged in property development since the year 1992 and has successfully developed and handed over numerous residential and commercial properties since then.

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[darna_process step=”01″ title=”SKETCHING” description=”We sketch for ideas; the very foundation, structure of buildings and facilities we are going to build” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”02″ title=”WORKING” description=”Each of our team will work in tandem to complete the project at hand. The management will oversee the client and documentations, logistic will procure materials for the construction and the construction team will work on building and constructing.” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”03″ title=”UTILIZATION” description=”We will utilize and optimize every quality materials we have, to ensure the end result will be in high quality.” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”04″ title=”DELIVERY” description=”We deliver and execute every project meticulously to ensure there won’t be any flaws in the foundation and structure of the buildings and facilities.” link=”url:%23||” last_step=”yes”]
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[darna_icon_box icon=”flaticon-hammer38″ link=”url:%23||” title=”BUILDING” description=”Our field of expertise is the construction township and property such as condominiums or apartments.”]
[darna_icon_box icon=”flaticon-tractor” link=”url:%23||” title=”CONSULTATION” description=”We provide consultation for every project given to us. This is to ensure we meet the safety standards and requirements. “]
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[darna_icon_box icon=”flaticon-paint49″ link=”url:%23||” title=”PAINTING” description=”Our services do not end at construction, we also provide painting service. Our workers are highly experienced at painting in large scale.”]
[darna_icon_box icon=”fa fa-bolt” link=”url:%23||” title=”WIRING” description=”We also have expert electrical engineers in our service for wiring installation. We provide wiring installation for apartments, building complex or landed houses. “]
[darna_icon_box icon=”flaticon-leaf32″ link=”url:%23||” title=”LANDSCAPING” description=”Besides from construction work, our company deals in landscaping business as well. We designed from urban to usual park landscaping work.”]
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Listen better Plan better Build better.

Build a space that you can work or live in without worry for years. We build using only with the finest materials and skills.

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