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Appropriate Toys for Newborns

During your baby’s first few months, they are still learning the immediate world around them. They still do not have a fully-developed sense of sight so they would rely on their sense of hearing to discern the sounds that are coming their way. After the first month, your baby is able to discern your face, albeit still fuzzy. However, they will start to know who you are and whenever they see you, they will be happy since they have deemed you as a source of comfort and security.

Patterns that have high-contrasting colors would always captivate newborn babies simply because it is easier for them to look at. You could say that it grabs their attention then and there. Baby toys with punchier and brighter colors can really help in this regard.

Parents are encouraged to buy toys that are slow-moving and those that produce a gentle tune. Contrary to what some parents think, babies actually love a little bit of noise as opposed to complete silence.

Here are some of the toys that are perfect for newborn babies up to two months:

  • Digital Music Player or Toys that Play Tunes- There are plenty of toys out there that produces melodies that babies love. Alternatively, you can use a digital music player and have them listen to soothing music.
  • Handheld Toys- Although their sense of sight hasn’t been fully developed yet, they are able to have preferences based on the things that they can place in front of them. They can give you a slight batting motion to indicate that they actually like something that you’ve placed in front of them.
  • Mobile Toys- Toys that can be moved are good things to have, especially for newborn babies. Just make sure that you are at their line of sight to give them supervision.
  • Three Months

  • Unbreakable Mirror- Although your baby’s sight is still developing, they can already see much clearer than when they were still a newborn. That being said, their reflection is actually something that they want to see often and you might find that they smile whenever they see themselves in the mirror.
  • Sensory Toys- Toys that your baby can pinch and produces a sound when doing so is actually something that you baby will want to play with for months to come.
  • Soft Books- At this time, you can start reading to them some storybooks. Soft books are specifically made for babies and they sometimes even produce some melodies when you turn the page as well. Opt for books that have punchy and contrasting colors as babies are quite fond of these things.
  • Wind Chimes- Babies are really fond of soft and gentle music and wind chimes actually produce such tunes. The good thing about these is that you can hang them over their crib and they may develop a habit of looking at them before they drift off to sleep. You can hold them up from time to time so that they can play with the chimes themselves.

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