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7 WordPress Tips and Hacks Every Serious Blogger Should Know

So, you’ve created your own blog using WordPress and you’ve already linked it to a top
web hosting solution. What are the next things that you should do? Well, aside from
making your blog posts, there are other tips and hacks that you should implement to
make your life (and your users) so much easier.
Today, I am going to provide you with some really nifty tricks that you can use on your
WordPress blog today.

Customize Your Login Page

Most users would want to login to their own accounts when they peruse your blog
because, then, they will be able to leave comments and interact with you.
Now, WordPress provides you with a simple-looking login page, but if you want to
standout, you’d want to customize that to your liking.
You can do this by adding a few lines of code on the ‘functions’ file. Go to your current
theme directory by navigating to /wp-content/themes/your-theme-name-here. From
there, add a new folder and call it ‘login’. You’d want to create a CSS file and place it
inside this folder. You have to name it custom-login-styles.css so that it will be much
easier for you to remember.
Then, you’d want to add a special line of code and save the changes. From there, your
login page should be changed into whatever you like.

Add the ‘Infinite Scroll’ Feature

There are some users that do not want to click any more links and they just want a
single page where they can just scroll down to arrive at your different blog posts. This
feature is known as the ‘infinite scroll’ and you can do this on your WordPress blog if
you want.
To make this happen, install the Jetpack plugin and paste a code that will add this
feature from within the plugin itself.

Disable Any Post Revisions

Post revisions are great if you want to make multiple backups of your posts
automatically. The platform does it for you, but this feature can actually take up a lot of
database space.
You can safely disable this feature by adding the wp_post_revisions code and set it to

Erase Unfiltered Spam Comments Easily

From time to time, there will be some spam comments that are going to be present in
your blog. These comments can be quite annoying and they can certainly pile up if you
do not remove them.
Since it is cumbersome to look at every post that you’ve made and deleting such
comments, you can actually do it automatically by logging into your phpMyAdmin
account, click SQL, and paste a code that deletes all of the unfiltered comments in your

Increase PHP Memory

Whenever you want to activate a huge plugin, you might receive an error where all of
your PHP memory is exhausted. To remedy this problem, all you have to do is add a
line of code to your wp-config.php file that increases the PHP memory effectively. You
can set the number to 64 or you can change it to whatever number your web host

Redirect to a Maintenance Page

Sometimes, you will need to conduct maintenance on your webpage just to ensure that
everything is in working order. But instead of giving your users the “Error 404” code, you
can actually create a maintenance page so that your users will be notified. You can do
this by adding lines of code to your .htaccess file.

Highlight Author Comments

It is so much better if your (author) comments are highlighted so that it will be much
easier for your readers to know that you are the one who created the article.
To do that, you can just add a .bypostauthor line of code to your CSS file.

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