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What Does Web Hosting Uptime Mean for You?

What is web hosting uptime? Well, if you are going to find a top hosting company, for example, it would always be one of their main selling points. Web hosting uptime is just a measure of how long a hosting company’s web servers are up and running without fail. For you to truly understand its importance, you must first know why web servers are important.

You see, if you get a hosting plan; say, a shared hosting or VPS hosting plan, it would require a server so that you can put all of your website’s files on it. And, since a server is connected to the internet, your website can be accessed online so long as the server is still running.

Of course, servers can fail at any time and if it does and your website happens to be on its database, then your website will not be accessible in the time that the server is still not running.

Reliable hosting providers are ones that always report (truthfully) the uptime of their servers based on percentages. The only problem is that these percentages are measured based on time, but how specific are we talking about here?

I think that it is up to the individual user. It seems that 99% service uptime is the norm nowadays. So, if we were to use that to measure the service uptime in a month, that would literally translate to 3.5 hours every month that your website is going to be down. That is a huge thing!

Why High Uptime Is Important

As a website owner, anything technical about your website may be put on the back of your mind. You might just think about how your website looks or what type of content you’re going to put up and those things are okay, but you also have to think about your website as a whole.

You see, there is a reason why experts say that you could potentially be losing money every second that your website is down. That is because every second, there are potential customers (or audience) that would go to your website and if your site happens to be down at that moment, then they would less likely return (at least, according to an online survey).

Web hosts that report 99% uptime are mostly vague as I’ve alluded to before. What time are we talking about here? It is open to interpretation, but you can just assume that it is based on a monthly basis.

Why Server Monitoring Is Crucial

Server monitoring is vital to every website owner because you want to make sure that your website is up and running the majority of the time.

Using website uptime monitoring tools will allow you to ping your website consistently and if it finds that your website is down, you will instantly get notified about it. Then, you can contact your web hosting company to help you resolve the issue in a timely manner.

I hope that you have learned the importance of web hosting uptime, especially if you are a website owner.

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