Important Things SaaS Companies Need to Know and Remember About SEO

Important Things SaaS Companies Need to Know and Remember About SEO

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies are becoming a lucrative business path. It is essentially where software is licensed and sold to customers on a subscription basis and it is usually hosted on a centralized server.

There are many services like this over the internet and if you’re planning to establish one, you have to make sure that you put your efforts in improving your SEO as well.

Search Engine Optimization is pretty much a must these days because, without it, your website will not be seen by search engines (or at least, will not be ranked in the first few pages of the search engine results pages or SERPs).

SEO doesn’t really care about the size of your business, but it only cares about certain things that will help you drive more traffic to your site.

That being said, what are the most important things about it that SaaS companies need to put in mind?

  • Understand that SEO is an Investment, Not a Direct Purchase

Important Things SaaS Companies Need to Know and Remember About SEO

It should come as no surprise by now that SEO is not something that you can instantly use and generate more traffic instantaneously. It should not be treated as a 1:1 purchase. Instead, it should be treated as an investment; a compound interest if you will.

Google and other search engines have one thing in common: whenever a person uses their platform, it finds ways to help satisfy the users’ queries.

It has a set of algorithms that do just that. Therefore, you have to use some SEO best practices in order for you to become attractive in the eyes of the different search engines.

Here lies the problem. Most SaaS companies treat SEO as something that, when they’ve put an initial investment in, that they could reap the rewards in an instant.

You should treat search engine optimization as an investment that compounds over time. The effects might not be realized today or even a few weeks after implementation, but it will in due time.

  • Communication with Your Customers is Key

Aside from implementing some SEO best practices, it would also help your brand if you engage with your community as well.

Creating a blog or even something as mundane as a subreddit can actually help increase brand awareness. And, it can be quite a good option to do since you can post links on said platforms as well so that you can help drive more traffic to your site, all without having to do some on-page SEO.

In addition, having a community forum will allow you to serve your customers better by giving them the option to provide feedback or even suggest some features that they want to be incorporated in your software as well.

  • Continuously Improve Your SEO Strategy

Look, SEO is an evolving discipline. It was way different five years ago to what it is now and some strategies that have worked before, do not work anymore today.

That being said, if your initial SEO strategy is working well for you, you have to still continually refine it, to help improve the results that you get even more.  Remember that you can always get assistance from a SEO consulting company if you find yourself stagnating.

When you are stagnating or you’re not refining your SEO strategy, you will reach a plateau at some point and you will not get the best results if you do. Therefore, it is highly important for SaaS companies to continually improve their SEO efforts.