The 5 Common Mistakes That Lead To Overeating And What You Can Do About Them

The 5 Common Mistakes That Lead To Overeating And What You Can Do About Them

Sometimes, That Extra Piece Of Cake Is Just Not Worth It

Overindulging on foods, per se, is not at all too bad. In fact, you can safely overindulge from time to time. The problem lies when people start to overeat on a regular basis which can lead to obesity and other health-related problems.

If you constantly find yourself eating more foods than you should, then you’re probably guilty of some of these common mistakes.

Today, I am going to give you some tips to help you combat overeating.


Eating Mindlessly At Social Events

I admit I am guilty of this before. I used to go to social events like parties, reunions, what not, and I would gorge a lot of food. You can attribute overindulging at social events to the fact that eating with your friends and family seems to be quite an enjoyable experience.

That being said, you can easily overeat when you attend parties and other social gatherings. The best thing that you can do to combat this is to look at all of the different foods that are offered in the event and then make mental notes on what you should get.

It really helps if you just get a smaller plate and then fill it up with your favorite foods. And oh, do not skip on the fruits and veg.


Not Getting Proper Nutrition

If you find yourself constantly hungry, then you might not be eating the right kinds of food. For instance, if you just eat a bowl of salad without any protein, you will find yourself hungry in as little as two hours after.

Or perhaps, you’re gorging more refined carbs like pasta, sugar, or white bread. These foods often give you the “sugar crash” whenever your insulin hits.

To help you fight hunger, make it a point to add protein to your meals. Protein takes a longer time to digest which means that you will remain satiated for a much longer time.


Underestimating Portion Sizes

When you get a large plate and you go directly to a buffet table, chances are that you are going to stuff it with a lot of foods as possible. The problem with that is that you usually put the unhealthy types of food because, hey, it’s the buffet!

However, you can easily overindulge if you do this. So, what you can do is just get a smaller plate or if that is not possible, just get the regular plate and fill one half of it with the foods that you want to eat and then the other half should be filled with more amazing foods such as fruits and vegetables.


Not Getting Enough Goodies

People nowadays gorge on the wrong types of foods. Refined carbs, for example, provide nutrients that would just get depleted in a much faster time.

The best approach would be to eat more fruits and vegetables. The reason is that they contain more water content which can help fill you up for much longer. Plus, they contain more nutrients that your body needs to function properly as well.


Not Eating at All for a Stretch

People starve themselves, thinking that they will lose weight much faster. This is just not the case. If you frequently deprive your body of the right foods and nutrients, you’re not only going to feel weak due to lack of energy but you are most likely going to make poor food choices.

What you can do is eat the right kinds of foods, ditch the fast foods and junk foods as we all know, these foods can really take you down the wrong path physically, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be prone to some worrisome diseases and other conditions such as diabetes, gout, bedroom problems like not being able to last longer in bed, gout, etc, and keep yourself well-hydrated.